Set de jouets de Noël pour chat

This set of 8 includes 1* Cat Fishing Rod with Bell, 1* Star Patterned Plush Mouse, 1* Plush Reindeer, 1* Plush Lollipop, 1* Vine Ball, 1* Plush Ball, 1* Plastic Bell, 1* Crumpled Ball.

Each toy is made of quality materials that are soft and pleasant to the skin and resistant to bites. The coloring is safe and odorless, ensuring the safety of the cat.

You can use the feather toy to tease the cat and let him play the chase game. In addition, you can give him a plush doll to exercise his chewing ability.

The product stimulates the cat’s hunting nature, lets him stay active by bouncing, beating and running, which keeps your cat strong and prevents obesity. In addition, it reduces anxiety and relieves the cat’s loneliness when he is home alone.

With toys, the cat will reduce its interest in furniture, which protects the couch, table, and wall from scratches and reduces conflicts. In addition, they bring pleasure and improve the relationship between the owner and the cat.